Our Environmental Responsibility

Our Environmental Responsibility

Every year runners from all over the world take part in the Ocean Lava Triathlon and are accompanied by a large number of spectators along the race courses.

This last aspect can have irreversible effects on the environment, which, if not controlled, can lead to regrettable environmental degradation.

Although the race takes place mainly in urban, already developed areas, it still has certain environmental impacts, such as on the swim course in Puerto del Carmen and on the bike course that runs through the protected landscape of La Geria.

At the Ocean Lava Triathlon we have a zero waste tolerance policy which means that every participant who leaves his waste along the race track will be disqualified immediately. In this sense we ask you to dispose of the packaging of gels, energy bars etc. in your racing suit and not to throw them on the street.

Environmental practices

  • Pay attention to the indications and recommendations from the organization throughout the event.
  • Stay in the designated areas by the organization as viewpoints.
  • Do not invade areas close to the race course in which vegetation or local fauna is found.
  • Do not pluck, strip or touch any kind of plant or animal.
  • Use existing access roads enabled to access the race course
  • Avoid making noises or raising your voice, as well as using sound devices (such as megaphones, etc.) in order not to cause damage to nearby fauna, especially local birds.

We are in a natural space declared as Protected Landscape. The above actions could also lead to subsequent legal action by the public administration.

Protect what you love! One World - One Planet!

Welcome to the Ocean Lava Triathlon!


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