Hiddit, patrocinador oficial de nutrición

HIDDIT, official nutrition sponsor

HIDDIT Nutrition is proud to announce it will be providing the course nutrition for the Ocean Lava Triathlon in Lanzarote on October 27th.

On race day, nothing is more important for success than proper nutrition. We will make sure to keep you hydrated and fueled so you can perform at your absolute best!

 What will you find on the course?

Hiddit - energy bar
Hiddit - isotonic drink
Hiddit - energy gel

Try these these products before you race, at 15% off!

You wouldn’t run a race in brand new shoes you’ve never worn… Or ride a bike you’ve never tested.

So why take a risk with your nutrition?

Order our RACING NUTRITION BUNDLE and feel confident on race day!

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Ocean Lava Headquarter
Calle Acatife 9
35510 Puerto del Carmen
Lanzarote - Canary Islands

(+34) 928 514 454

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